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  • COMPANY NAME: Jinan Qihui Beer Equipment Co., Ltd

    ADD: No. 3157, Yushan Avenue, Licheng District, Jinan city

    EMAIL: alice@qhbeerequipment.com

    WHATSAPP/PHONE: 0086 15505412086

    TEL: 0086 531 88767927

    WEBSITE: www.renqiuken.com

    FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/brewingequipment0328/

    INATAGRAM: www.renqiuken.com

    For professional brewery solution and free exactly quotation, please do not hesitate send inquiry below.

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    0086 15505412086





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    Best friend in Serbia


    I always believe, you are the best “ Sunshine”, Golub.

    He have working in Michelin more than 25 years, his job is quality director.

    He have a dream start his own craft beer brewing after he retired, now he have get his dream. 

    I am really happy we can meeting by email, and set good friendship.


    General configuration of 200L brewery equipment and technology service 

    The 200L brewery equipment including 2 vessels 200L brewhouse, 4 pcs fermenter, 800L glycol water tank, and control unit. 


    We provide beer receipt, technology design for him.


    Delivery and package 


    I still remember this delivery, how young of mine! Time fly so fast, it is good time to start your own craft beer now!


    After service and installation


    Our customer Mr. Golub have a friend who is professional in installation, they follow my mark of pipeline, after 2 weeks finished everything.


    Beer coming 

    After we discussing and training how to brewing beer in internet and video, our customer Golub start his craft beer road, now he is a professional brew master.


    He open a restaurant, people can eating and drink beer here!



    My dear friend Golub, wish you have all the best and god bless you

    If you have any questions, just let me know, I am always here waiting for you.


    0086 531 88767927

    0086 15505412086



    No. 3157, Yushan Avenue, Licheng

    District, Jinan city